Competition Comparison Charts of Ambit, Ignite, CCM, Viridian, North American Power, Momentis, Independence Energy Alliance, NRG Energy, 5Linx, ACN and FHTM

It’s been a long road in the MlM energy industry and today I want to share some cold hard facts about what’s really happening in the industry of network marketing between the top energy companies such as Ignite Stream Energy, Ambit Energy, Viridian, North American Power, Momentis, 5Linx, ACN and even Fortune High Tech Marketing aka FHTM. There’s so much hype and plenty of money being made, even for the stragglers. If you really want to know which company has the absolute most momentum you may find these charts to be fascinating to say the least. Make your decisions accordingly folks.

For the purposes of being fair I am going to do this comparison in alphabetical order! These charts and figures are being taken from a site that’s similar to ALEXA but its a little easier to read to me. When you are looking to review the numbers to an mlm energy company you have to search for the subdomain that all of the representatives are sending traffic to. In other words, the root of your duplicated site will show the right numbers. If for some reason I do not use the correct link for your company in this comparison please sign in with your facebook account and share comment with the correct link. Thanks for your help!

Consumer Choice Marketing
Fortune High Tech Marketing
North American Power

5Linx at


Ambit @


Consumer Choice Marketing @

Fortune High Tech Marketing (FHTM) @

Stream Energy marketing arm Ignite @

Momentis @

North American Power @

Viridian @

So what do these charts mean to you and I?  Let me explain what they mean to me, first of all whenever you are studying a comparison chart against another chart for a similar company you always want to have interest in the company showing good solid numbers on the upswing.  Let’s say you were going to make an investment of $500,000.00 in the company that you felt had the most momentum.  Which company would you choose?  Would you choose a company that has consistent ups and downs?  Would you choose a company that is showing a steady decline in the last year?  Would you inquire more about the sudden shifts in business?  Of course you would ask all of those questions!  So, if you are investing your time away from your family and friends in the hopes of making $500,000.00 with one of these mlm energy companies wouldn’t you also want to carefully evaluate which company will be the best fit for your time and energy.  The best fit for your sweat equity that will turn into dollars and cents…

For all of you analogical minds out there consider my opinion as simply an opinion and gather your own. But do your research and find out if the company your friend suggests is the right fit for you.   In my humble opinion you want to join a company in momentum; you want to join a company with a steady upswing; you want to join a company that will pay the most when it comes to energy since that is your primary interest; you want to join a company that has constant promotions for making more than the compensation plan; and lastly you want to join a company that isn’t yet saturated so you can ride the wave of opportunity.  I hope this mlm energy company comparison has been helpful to you in making a decision.  For more information or to chat please give me a ring at 917-529-6282.

This is Tene Williams signing out!

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